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Britannia offers fast and reliable trading via FlexTrade, providing online access to Forex, Bullion and Base Metals on a spot and forward basis.

FlexTrade gives traders unique access to a deep liquidity pool and tight spreads via a multitude of liquidity providers.

FlexTrade Demo
Features of FlexTrade
  • Major and Broken dates up to 3 months forward on NDFs
  • Spot and Broken dates up to 3 months forward on Bullion and Base Metals
  • Access to deep liquidity pool including prices provided by major global banks primarily to Britannia Global Markets
  • Cross-Margining between offsettable products such as Non Deliverable Options (NDOs) against NDFs
  • Low latency trading
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) and API Connection
  • Real time Profit and Loss and Position Management
  • Single click trading
  • An array of trade types including: Stops, Trailing Stops, Time Slice, Volume Weighted Average Price, OCOs, if done OCOs, Limit, Market, Good Till Cancel, Fill or Kill
  • Telephone and Messenger support
Please click Base Metals, NDFs, FX and Bullion for further information on the products offered via FlexTrade.
Contact information
Sam Gunter
+44 (0) 203 325 4144