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Britannia Strategy Trader provides a complete solution for algorithmic trading in Futures markets. This real-time automated trading software is designed for system developers who are seeking a platform to automate their trading strategy and asset allocators, fund managers, proprietary trading groups and individual traders looking to select from a choice of hundreds of strategies, available through third party investment managers on Britannia's Systems Exchange.

The benefits of Britannia Strategy Trader for Investors and Investment Managers:

  • Automate and execute own or third party trading strategies
  • Direct Market Access (DMA) to major Futures Exchanges via Trading Technologies and CQG API
  • Monitor account value and P&L in real time
  • No need to keep platform running due to server-based execution
  • Access anywhere from PC, MAC, Tablet or Mobile
  • Activation and deactivation of strategies in real time
  • Fully supported solution

The benefits of Britannia Strategy Trader for Developers:

  • Execute trading signals in real-time generated by VisualChart, TradeStation 2000i, TradeStation 9, MultiCharts, Fibonacci Trader and more
  • Strategies can be written using TradingMotion Standard Development Kit (SDK)
  • SDK development tools free of charge, including market data
  • Ability to programme on .NET (C# or VisualBasic)
  • In-house technical support

Britannia Strategy Trader for Developers

Flexible signal reading solution

Britannia Strategy Trader can execute trading systems generated with popular development engines (including TradeStation and MultiCharts) or TradingMotion SDK and also allows bespoke solutions to integrate different development platforms and trading signal sources. Contact us to discuss your automation requirements.

Worldwide Connectivity

Britannia Strategy Trader connects to major Futures Exchanges via Trading Technologies and CQG API.

Signal Co-location to minimize risks

VisualChart, TradeStation and MultiCharts codes can also run on our servers to remove the risk when strategies are run on personal/local machines (i.e. software failure, loss of power or loss of internet connection).

TradingMotion SDK: More Info

TradingMotion Standard Development Kit (SDK) is a set of libraries and tools that allow developers to create professional algorithmic trading strategies.

TradingMotion SDK is built on top of Microsoft .NET platform, so strategies can be developed in C# and Visual Basic .NET and is fully integrated with Visual Studio platform through a set of ready-to-go templates.

Advantages: Why develop systems with TradingMotion SDK?

  • Free of charge, including historical market data
  • Uses Visual Studio and .NET
  • Test various scenarios by creating Event Studies
  • Create Strategies writing entry/exit rules, use example templates and Open Source systems to practise
  • Easily debug with tools supplied by Visual Studio
  • Backtest and evaluate strategies through a fully-integrated set of charts and performance statistics
  • Optimise strategies using 'brute force' or genetic algorithm
  • Develop and test with 18 different futures symbols and using 120+ indicators
  • Deploy on Strategy Trader Platform
  • Fully supported with a Getting Started Guide and Open Source examples, as well as access to our in-house technical support
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