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Britannia Bank & Trust, currently offers fiduciary services to a diversified range of international clients, in particular:




As a licensed trust company, Britannia Bank & Trust provides full trust services utilizing various types of trust products tailored to meet the needs of high net worth individuals and families interested in estate and succession planning to assist in effective planning and management of their wealth.


Private Trust Companies (“PTC”)


A regulated private trust company is a company that can be established to act as a trustee to one or more trusts and is tailored to meet the expressed needs of a family. Britannia Bank & Trust can provide the service of acting as the registered representative in The Bahamas and provide Trustee services of any overlaying trust required.




Well recognized and understood in many civil law countries, The Bahamas has a progressive common law version which combines the attributes of both a trust and company.


Company Administration


A versatile and flexible vehicle often used as a holding company underlying a trust, foundation or PTC to manage and hold assets ultimately owned by either of the fore-mentioned structures. Britannia Bank & Trust can incorporate and provide full administration services.