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Cockney Rabbit

Cockney Rabbit, or Rhyming Slang, is a colourful 'secret language' used by nineteenth century street traders, known as costermongers, when carrying on illegal trade. Some slang has become part of common speech and many Londoners wouldn't realise they are using it. It is common for the slang to be shortened to use only the first part of the rhyme, as in 'Butchers Hook' meaning 'look.' For example, the sentence, 'Let's have a Butchers' means `let's have a look.' Some examples are given below:

Adam and Eve Believe
Apples and Pears Stairs
Ascot Races Braces
Aristotle Bottle
Almond Rocks Socks
April Fools Football Pools
Artful Dodger Lodger
Aunt Lil Till
Ball and Chalk Walk
Barnaby Rudge Judge
Barnet Fair Hair
Beak Judge (going up before the beak)
Bees and Honey Money
Bird Lime Time
Boat Race Face
Bob Hope Soap
Bo Peep Sleep
Bother Trouble
Brahms and Liszt Drunk
Bread and Honey Money
Bricks and Mortar Daughter
Brown Bread Dead
Butcher's Hook Look
Cain and Abel Table
Current Bun Sun
Cat and Mouse House
Cushty Good
China Plate (China) Mate
Daisy Roots Boots
Dicky Bird Word (Don't say a "Dicky Bird")
Dinky Doos Shoes
Doing Porridge Serving a Prison Sentance
Dog and Bone Telephone
Duchess of Fife (Duchess) Wife
Dicky Dirt Shirt
Duke of Kent Rent
Dustbin Lid Kid
East and West Vest
Elephant and Castle Parcel
Filth The Police
Flowery Dell Cell (Prison Cell)
Frog and Toad Road
Frying Pan Old Man
Fiver Five Pounds
Gladrags Best Clothes
Grand One Thousand Pounds
Grassup Inform on (I was grassed up)
Gregory Peck Neck
Gutted Unhappy
Guv Boss
Half-inch Pinch (to steal)
Holy Ghost Toast
Hampstead Heath Teeth
Hot Cross Bun Son
Isle of Wight Light
Itch and Scratch Match
Johnny Horner Corner
Jam Jar Car
Jam Tart Heart
Joanna Piano
Jackanory Story
Jimmy Riddle Piddle (urinate)
Joe Brown Town
Khyber Pass Arse
Kick and Prance Dance
Kippers Slippers
Kitchen Sink Drink
Lady Godiva Five Pounds
Laugh and Titter Bitter (beer)
Leave it out Stop it
Lemonade Spade
Lilley and Skinner Dinner
Loan Shark Unofficial Money Lender
Loop the Loop Soup
Lord Lovell Shovel
Mince Pies Eyes
Man on the Moon Spoon
Mutt 'n' Jeff Deaf
Monkey Five Hundred Pounds
Mother of Pearl Girl
Nark Police Informer
North and South Mouth
Noah's Ark Lark
Oily Rag Fag (cigarette)
Okey Doke Poke
One-Er One Hundred Pounds
One and T'other Brother
Oxford Scholar Dollar
Paraffin Lamp Tramp
Pen and Ink Stink
Plates of Meat Feet
Plink-Plonk Vin Blanc (wine)
Pony Twenty Five Pounds
Pork Chops Cops/Police (Pigs)
Porky Pies Lies
Potatoes in the Mould Cold
Quid One Pound
Rabbit and Pork (Rabbit) Talk
Rosie Lee Tea
Rub-a-dub-dub Pub
Ruby Murray Curry
Rumbled Found out
Sausage and Mash Cash
Scapa Flow Go
Score Twenty Pounds
Scotch Pegs (Pegs) Legs
Screw Prison Officer
Septic Tank Yank
Skin and Blister Sister
Sky Rocket Pocket
Snout Informer
Steam Tank Bank
Stitched Up Set Up
Sussed Out Found Out
Sweeny Todd Police (Flying Squad)
Tea Leaf Thief
Tenner Ten Pounds
Tiddlywink Drink
Tit for Tat Hat
Todd Sloane On your own (on your Todd)
Tomfoolery Jewellery
Ton One Hundred
Tom Mix Six
Tom and Dick Sick
Tenner Ten Pounds
Trouble and Strife Wife
Tin Tack Sack
Trick Cyclist Psychiatrist
Uncle Ned Bed
Vera Lynn Gin
Whistle and Flute Suit

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