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Sir Alfred Hitchcock Hotel

147 Whipps Cross Road, Leytonstone, E11
Tel: (0) 181 530 3724
Tube: Walthamstow

Four large Victorian terraced houses converted into a character filled pub, hotel and restaurant. Opposite Hollow Pond boating lake, it was opened on 27 August 1980. It is owned by Tommy and May O'toole, who previously ran the Princess Alice Public House in Stratford.

The world renowned 'mystery' film director and producer was born, the son of a local greengrocer, in Leytonstone on 13 August 1899. He was born and raised at 517 High Road Leytonstone.

A Memorial Plaque marks the site of where his parents lived and worked as greengrocers, which was bombed during the war, today is a 'Jet'™ petrol station. A naturalised citizen of the United States, when he died on 24 April 1980, he was working on a film dealing with George Blake, the British spy, to be called The Short Night.

Copies of Sir Alfred Hitchcock's birth and marriage certificates; photographs and posters are amongst the memorabilia all round this pub. I'm very grateful to Anna Marie and also Nick Pope for their help on my unannounced visit.

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