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Oxford is the home of England's oldest university and while it is also an industrial city on the Thames, the association with learning and the academic way of life will always be paramount. Even the atmosphere at Oxford is more learned...the Thames goes by the name of "Isis" there, from "Thamesis," its Latin name.

Visitors to Oxford who have an interest in architecture might be overwhelmed by the more than 650 buildings that are listed as historic or of merit. Visitors with an interest in history will find enough to occupy them as well since the city has a rather splendid collection of museums. The city is also known as the home of Morris Motors Ltd. which was founded by William Morris in 1913. His first car was the Morris-Oxford two seater, but before a decade had passed his Morris Cowley had become Britain's top seller, outdistancing even the legendary Ford Model T. Visit in May and you can enjoy the River Carnival that grew from the rowing competition between eight colleges.

But as we said nothing will come between the marriage of Oxford and its university. No matter what bits of history are made there, visitors and students alike will continue to go to Oxford for the learning experience. It has been said that just walking through the university will raise your I.Q. by ten points.

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