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Norwich is the capital of East Anglia and an historic cathedral city built within the curving embrace of the River Wensum. It dates from the reign of King Athelstan at the beginning of the 10th century when it was among the largest cities in Britain.

During the 14th century Norwich was a centre of the wool trade and the river was used for export. But Norwich did not grow gently into the modern times. Riots in 1272 were fought over tolls imposed by the cathedral monks. The Plague claimed fully one-third of the population in 1349, more than 2000 died. Norwich grew robust once again in the late 1500s with an influx of settlers from the Netherlands who helped to revive the textile industry in the city. The settlers brought with them their pet canaries, the breeding of which became a Norwich pastime. Today, Norwich canaries are a recognized breed, as well as being the nickname of the city's football team.

If you come to Norwich, the cathedral is a must. The Cathedral Close is one of the largest in Britain and the cathedral itself is a celebration of art and archtitecture built over a span of 900 years. You will also want to take a walk along the river from Carrow Bridge to the Cathedral Close, visit Norwich Castle and Pull's Ferry that dates to the 18th century. The city's museums include one in the castle's keep, St. Peter Hungate with its collection of religious arts and crafts and The Bridewell, focusing on local life and activities. The building was a prison for more than 300 years.

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