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Like other West Yorkshire towns, Leeds grew from a cottage industry, spinning and weaving wool from the sheep that grazed on the moors, to a mill town come the Industrial Revolution and its machines. However, by moving to the manufacture of clothing, Leeds became a world centre in the trade. Joseph Hepworth of Leeds pioneered in 1883 by establishing a chain of tailoring stores. By the 1920s, Burton's mill, was the largest clothing factory not only in Britain, but the world. Success had its price, however. Leeds grew too quickly and gave rise to the overcrowded slums. A program of renewal following World War II has helped remake the city into a modern growing metropolitan area and a top tourist destination. Recent additions to Leeds attractions are the Royal Armouries Museum, one of the top shopping centres in Britain. The BTA has named Leeds the nightclub capital of Britain.

Leeds architectural offerings include the Victorian Town Hall dating to 1858 and the domed Corn Exchange. Also worth note are the Civic Hall with its colonades and the Mill Hill Chapel, the oldest building in the City Square. Just three miles from city centre on the banks of the River Aire are the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey. The Abbey was founded in 1152 by Cistercian monks who began many of the cottage industries that were further developed in Leeds during the Middle Ages. The Temple Newsam House is just south-east of the city and is a museum offering 17th and 18th century collections of furnishings and sculpture and landscaped gardens. Bargain hunters will want to visit the Leeds City Market dating back to 1904.

Northwest of the city is the market town of Otley where Thomas Chippendale was born and three miles west is the town of Pudsey, famous for its cricket heroes Herbert Sutcliffe and Len Hutton. Leeds is linked by the Leeds and Liverpool canals east and west and by railway to the south.

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