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Tours > Monastic Yorkshire > Egglestone Abbey

Egglestone Abbey - Premonstratensian Canons 1195
One mile southeast of Barnard Castle

Egglestone AbbeyAlways a very poor abbey, Egglestone now stands in ruins amongst fields of friendly cows. Though many of the medieval structures have been completely removed - some as late as 1905 - others, especially some of the church walls, still stand to their full original height. This has led to the preservation of the great east window of the latter building. The glass has long gone, but the unique simplicity of the five graduated lights suggests that it was probably stained and figured. The centre of the church is covered in grave slabs of unknown abbots or patrons. One is inscribed to Thomas Rokeby and Leyland records that the sculptured tomb chest - now returned from its travels to Mortham Tower - is for Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam (1482). Sadly the effigies are missing.

The north-eastern ranges are quite well preserved and you can still climb up to the first storey. This is largely due to them having been converted into a residence for one Robert Strelley, in 1548, after the Abbey's dissolution. You can make out many of his alterations; but the grand house did not last long and was later converted in labourers' cottages.

The site is run by English Heritage. Free access at any reasonable time.

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