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David Ford, History Editor Ancient York
by David Nash Ford BA,
Editor, History on Britannia

York Castle Museum
Adjoining the River Foss, off Tower Street

York Castle Museum The only place to see everyday life of times past displayed in the way it really was. Step into the York Castle Museum and step back in time. For hidden behind the classical facades of this 18th century prison are not only fully fitted out domestic rooms and commercial workshops, but complete streets with Victorian shops stretching to their full height and apparently open for business!

See the living conditions of people from the 16th century to the present day. Trace the development of everyday facilities and appliances through fascinating collections that bring back many a childhood memory. Costumes and toys all add to the spectacle and the old-fashioned slot machines are especially popular. There is even a working mill. Further displays cover York's military past and prison history, including Dick Turpin's Condemned Cell.

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