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Tours > Some Moorland Pubs > Postbridge Roger Johnson, Public House Connoisseur
Some Moorland Pubs
by Roger Johnson, West Country Contributor

The Warren House Inn
Dartmoor, Devon
Tel. 01822 88208

Near Postbridge, six miles southwest of Chagford

The Warren House Inn, Postbridge
There is no finer sight on Dartmoor than the Warren Inn when the mist has come down and a five mile walk has turned into a ten mile route march. Set on the Postbridge road, in splendid isolation midst rolling billows of bracken, its original cliental of miners have long since ceased to fill its bars. Nowadays it has to rely on the carriage trade, but is never short of customers. One hundred and fifty four years ago the inn, then situated on the south side of the road, was destroyed by fire. The publican took some embers from the smouldering ruin and kindled a fire in the hearth of a building opposite. That fire has not been allowed to go out at any time since then. As is the case with so many of these remote and ancient hostelries the emphasis is upon warmth, good ale and good food. The warren Inn is no exception. Two log fires ensure the first, a good selection of strong ales and a very adequate menu complete the trio. Its ambience is not ersatz, but the genuine product of centuries of relief for the hard pressed traveller.

Photograph by kind permission of the Warren House Inn.

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