The Other "Pew Corner"
Recycling British Churches

On the outskirts of the cathedral city of Guildford, Surrey is the another "Pew Corner", this one does not boast a house, but a series of restored barns that house an array of ecclesiastical antiquities that literally range from church spires to the timber of church floors and everything in between.

From pews to pulpits, stained glass to candlesticks, cast iron floor grilles to church chairs and balcony fronts to wood block floors, it's all there for you to see, touch and talk about. What can you do with all these things? The answer will surprise you. They have converted a choir front into a restaurant bar and a pulpit into the manager's desk, using woods that may be a century or more old, beautifully restored and finished to their former glory.

As their name infers, a major part of Pew Corner's business is turning old church pews into beautiful and practical seats to use in a home, garden or office that can be made exactly to your specifications. Many are restored and used in older Inns or Pubs as they are refurbished, to help retain the authenticity of the building's period. The possibilities are limitless, mitred, curved, booths, open back or ornate, a pew can be tailored to any situation and style. The pew front or balcony fronts can be used as canopies, balustrades, even panelling.

But pews are just the start, what about an alter, lectern or pulpit that offer so many use options and light fittings, candlesticks or cast iron grilles that could never be found in any furniture gallery or design center! Doors of every shape or size imaginable with and without glazing and the original hardware

The pieces are just one part of the story - there is wood, stone, marble, tiles, all of which can be made into or included in a custom design by the skilled craftsmen at Pew Corner who will make a piece of furniture to your taste and exact requirements right there in their own workshops.

Can you imagine owning your own piece of Britain's heritage that gives you the comfort of knowing you have taken a step in helping reuse rather than replace. Every piece saved is one more that does not have to be made new from precious natural resources. As the founder of Pew Corner, Mark Groes proudly states, it is green to be seen at Pew Corner!

If you want to find out more about exactly what is available from Pew Corner, just send us an e-mail at We have a list of hundreds of typical items that they have in stock, however, the list changes constantly, so we suggest that you contact us to give us an idea of what you would like to know more about.

If your need can be clearly defined and can easily be relayed to Pew Corner, you should be able to shop from home - such as for a pew based seat. If you're after something more elaborate, it gets more complicated, but potentially much more fun! - you may have to go and see for yourself. Certainly, if you are planning a major purchase, we respectfully say you must shop in person. Just contact us and we can arrange your visit to Pew Corner and give you ideas for accommodation in the area should you need it. Then of course, you'll have to get there and our air travel partner BRITISH AIRWAYS can certainly handle that!

If you would like to talk about Pew Corner, please send us an e-mail or fax with your phone number and we'll call you at your convenience.

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