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Tours > Robin Hood's Nottingham > Worksop Priory

Worksop Priory
In Worksop, at the eastern end of the B6024, just south-east of the town centre (591789)

Worksop Priory Church The Priory Church of Our Lady and St. Cuthbert is an unexpected find in the middle of industrial Worksop. It is not quite in the centre, but nicely situated with a fine view along one of the main western routes into town. In Medieval times, the Augustinian Canons here were famous for their production of liquorice.

Worksop Priory is a superb example of Norman architecture. It was erected in the early 12th century by the De Lovetot Lords of the Manor; so, no doubt, Robin Hood and his men would have known it well. The modern East End, however, was only constructed in the 1970s, through a legacy from a former choir-boy. Its integration with the ancient church is pleasingly sympathetic. Do not miss the nearby gatehouse, "one of the most interesting buildings in the county," which features pre-reformation statuary and an unusual projecting wayside shrine to house an image of the Virgin.

A small glass-covered opening, in the north wall of the priory interior, houses part of an ancient skull with an arrowhead embedded in it. This is locally reputed to be that of a Sherwood Forester. Could he have been killed be Robin Hood himself?

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