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Tours > Robin Hood's Yorkshire > Whitby

Twenty miles north-west of Scarborough, North Riding (918096)

Whitby Abbey "Tradition informs us that in one of Robin Hood's peregrinations, he, attended by his trusty mate, Little John, went to dine at Whitby Abbey with the abbot, Richard, who, having heard them often famed for their great dexterity in shooting with the longbow, begged them after dinner to show him a specimen thereof. When, to oblige the abbot, they went to the top of the abbey. Whence each of them shot an arrow, which fell not far from Whitby-laths, but on the contrary side of the lane. And in memorial thereof, a pillar was set up by the abbot in the place where each of the arrows was found, which are yet still standing in these our days. That field where the pillar for Robin Hood's arrow stands still being called Robin Hood's field and the other, where the pillar for Little John's arrow is placed, still preserving the name of John's field. Their distance from Whitby Abbey is more than a measured mile, which seems very far for the flight of an arrow, and in circumstance that will stagger the faith of many" - Master Charlton's History of Whitby.

Little John apparently beat his master by about 100 feet!

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