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Tours > Robin Hood's Nottingham > St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church
Between High Pavement & St. Mary's Gate (576396)

St. Mary's Church, Nottingham To the east of Nottingham city centre, in the historic Lace Market area, stands St. Mary's Church. It is a superb late medieval building of 1474, similar to the great 'cloth churches' of Gloucestershire and Suffolk. Presumably it is, instead, a 'Lace Church'. The site dates back to Saxon times. A church is recorded here in the Domesday Book (1086) but this was destroyed by Henry II's troops in the mid-12th century. Fragments of the Early English style replacement, erected by the King, can be seen built into the side of the Birkin Building in the Broadway. This was probably the church known to Robin Hood.

Robin Hood used to attend mass in St. Mary's quite regularly but, on one occasion, he was, unfortunately, recognised by a "fat headed" monk whom he had previously robbed. He was soon reported to the Sheriff and, after a short sword fight in the nave, where his weapon broke in two, Robin was taken into custody at Nottingham Castle. Of course, he was later rescued, but he was, afterwards, more careful when entering the city and usually came in disguise. As both a butcher and a tanner, he is said to have sold his wares at Weekday Cross at the other end of High Pavement. This was the site of Nottingham's weekly market. Sadly the old market cross has long gone, but a plaque marks its previous location.

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