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Tours > Robin Hood's Nottingham > Tales of Robin Hood

Tales of Robin Hood
Maid Marion Way, Nottingham (569399)

Outlaws celebrate at the 'Tales of Robin Hood' By the side of the busy Maid Marion Way, near the Castle, are the 'Tales of Robin Hood'. This is a modern retelling of the outlaw's story using high technology and all the skills of the sculptural craftsman to recreate the characters and atmosphere of the medieval Sherwood Forest. It's all undercover and you're are guided by jolly Robin himself, all dressed up in Lincoln Green. Listen as the Sheriff scolds you for your adherence to Robin's cause, then escape to a magical gliding pod which will ferry you deep into the Greenwood. This is so much more than a series of tableaux showing Robin and his men at work and play. Using sights, sounds and even smells, the past is really brought back to life. It's one of the best such visitor experiences you'll find. The reconstructed buildings are all based on real historical evidence, some of them even incorporate medieval stonework from demolished churches. And it's great fun, not just for the kids, but us grown-ups too. There is an excellent exhibition explaining how Robin's story developed and you must answer questions to find out if you're really an outlaw or a Sheriff's man in disguise. There is a large eating area, with pre-booked banquets available in the evenings, and even some archery to try out.

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