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Tours > Robin Hood's Yorkshire > Robin Hood's Grave

Robin Hood's Grave
Six hundred yards from Kirklees Hall, near Hartshead, West Riding (174215)

Robin Hood's Grave This is to be found in the grounds of the private Kirklees Estate. The estate is located four miles north-east of Huddersfield, off the M62 at Junction 25, towards Huddersfield on the A644. The Three Nuns Inn and the Cornmill are the most obvious and prominent nearby landmarks.

The grave, is a mere six hundred yards from the old gatehouse of Kirklees Priory. Yet this seems quite a distance when one remembers the dying Robin Hood shot an arrow from there to his future grave-site, asking the trusty Little John to ensure his burial on the spot.

The original grave-slab featuring a large cross and the inscription, "Here lie Roberd Hude, Willm Goldburgh, Thomas . . . " has long disappeared, having been already "broken and much defaced" by 1786. Although, part of it may survive in Hartshead churchyard. The slab appears to have been replaced by the present neglected and overgrown monument, since enclosed by 19th century iron railings.

In the rear of the grave is a traditional inscription first recorded in 1632:

Here underneath dis laitl stean
Laz robert earl of Huntintun
Ne'er arcir ver as hie sa geud
An pipl kauld im robin heud
Sick utlawz as his as iz men
Vil england nivr si agen
Obiit 24 Kal. Dekembris 1247.

On the other side of Wakefield Road, opposite Robin Hood's Grave stands "Robin Hood's Cottage".

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