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Tours > Robin Hood's Nottingham > Papplewick Church

Papplewick Church
Seven miles north of Nottingham (565652)

St. James' Church, Papplewick Papplewick was the headquarters of the Sherwood Foresters and St. James' Church, their burial place. It is thus known locally as the 'Foresters' Church'. Although the building was almost entirely rebuilt in 1795, several of their medieval graveslabs, showing bows, arrows and hunting horns, can still be seen there. The foresters are said to have cut their bows from the yews in the churchyard and a tale has grown up that Robin Hood did the same.

It was at this church the Alan-A-Dale's true love, a girl named Ellen, was forced to marry an aged nobleman not of her choosing. Robin arrived just in time to rescue her and she was married, by Friar Tuck, to Alan instead. Alternatively the groom may have been Will Scarlet.

A nearby 'cave,' sixteen foot high and dug-out of the sandstone, is still known as Robin Hood's Stables from an old legend that he kept his horses there when robbing the wealthy on the King's Great Way nearby. Robin is said to have kept them so secret that not even his men knew of their whereabouts. It still contains two mangers and has certainly been used for this purpose in modern times.

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