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Tours > Robin Hood's Nottingham > Lesser Robin Hood Sites

Lesser Robin Hood Sites
From across the County

Robin Hood's Cave (664708) at Ollerton. There is no specific tradition about this site other than that Robin Hood used to shelter there occasionally.

Robin Hood's Cross (possibly 504622) at Pleasley. 17th century perambulations refer to this edifice near Pleasley Mill. It may be the cross stump which still stands in the village.

Robin Hood's Pot (634534) is a bronze-age burial mound, 150 yards north-west of the Oldox Hillfort, standing on Robin Hood's Hill in Oxton. It is eighteen feet high and eighty-three feet across. The name originally referred to a stone a mile to the west (614484) which was probably the socket stone of an ancient cross.

Robin Hood's Stone (544541) is marked on John Ogilby's 1675 map of what is now part of the Robin Hood Way. It was very close to Newstead Abbey. A newspaper article claimed it still existed in 1912, but this may be an error.

Robin Hood's Well (497491) in the Annesley Hills is a less well-known spring bearing the outlaw's name.

Robin Hood's Whetstone (604623) was a former boundary stone on the borders of Rufford and Clipstone. The name now refers to an isolated sandy eminence in the same area.

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