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Tours > Robin Hood's Nottingham > Edwinstowe Church

Edwinstowe Church
Just north of the main crossroads in the centre of Edwinstowe (674673)

Edwinstowe Church Popular folklore tells us that Robin Hood and Maid Marian were married at the door of the parish church of St. Mary here, as was traditional at the time. The village is the centre of all things Robin Hood around Sherwood and is well worth a visit, if only to see the statue of Robin proposing to his lady.

Edwinstowe is named after King Edwin of Northumbria who was killed at the Battle of Hatfield (AD 633) just a mile and a half to the west of the village where a memorial cross now stands. His body was buried in a forest clearing and St. Mary's Church later built around it (the Royal body was later re-interred at Whitby Abbey). The present building was largely erected as part of Henry II's penance for the murder of Thomas A'Becket and two carved heads inside are supposed to represent these men, glaring at each other from across the church. There are still features remaining from Robin's time, though, notably the tower and the northern nave arcading. Our outlaw would have felt quite at home here. In 1334, even the local vicar was convicted of forest trespass and of killing the King's deer.

Next Stop: The Sherwood Forest Visitors' Centre, near Edwinstowe

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