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Tours > Robin Hood's Nottingham > Castle Green

Castle Green
In Nottingham, before the Castle Gate along Castle Road (570395)

Robin Hood's Statue, Castle Green, Nottingham Immediately adjoining the Castle Gate is perhaps the best known spot in Nottingham. For here stands James Woodford's enchanting statue of Robin Hood shooting an arrow through the glades of Sherwood. It was sculpted in 1952 and presented to the city by PE Clay, a local businessman.

Surrounding Robin are smaller group studies of Little John, Friar Tuck & Will Stuteley and Alan-a-Dale & Will Scarlet. Plaques along the wall depict various scenes from the stories of the merry outlaws. It is a small, though pleasant, area to sit and feed the birds, or perhaps read a book of Robin Hood tales, amongst the neatly kept trees and shrubs.

It was from here that Robin rescued the captive Will Stuteley from the clutches of the Sheriff at the very moment he was about to be hanged. The Severns Building, across the road, is one of the city's few remaining medieval houses which remind us what life was really like in those far off days of old. Not far off, in Maid Marion way, is St. Nicholas' Church. The present building dates from 1671, but Robin Hood is said to have used the previous building in which to hide-out and pray for his safe-keeping.

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