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Tours > Hadrian's Wall > Housesteads

Housesteads - Vercovicium
Six miles north-east of Haltwhistle

Latrine Block, HousesteadsThe longest standing tourist attraction along the wall, Housesteads is easily viewed from the wallside B6318, as it sits on the hillside above. There is a large (fee paying) car park with a National Trust Visitors' Centre, but be prepared for a walk if you want to view the fort in close up. It's only about half a mile through fields of sheep, but there is a sharp incline. There is, however, a small museum adjacent to the site with much needed refreshments available. Housesteads is the most complete example of a Roman fort on display along the wall. Its perimeter is complete and there are latrines and a hospital to see as well as the usual headquarters building, commander's house, granaries & barrack blocks. Just south of the fort, the infamous 'murder house' is somewhat disappointing; but take a short walk to the west for spectacular views of Hadrian's Wall shooting like a roller-coaster over the local crags.

Granary, Housesteads
The site is owned by the National Trust and run by English Heritage. There is an entry fee, though Free admission to members of either organization.

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