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David Ford, History EditorTours > Coquetdale > Edlingham Castle

Edlingham Castle
Five miles south-west of Alnwick

Edlingham Castle This castle has a fine setting deep in the valley of the Edlingham Burn. It was originally built as a moated manor-house around 1250, but King Edward I's interference in the Scottish Wars of Succession meant that Northumberland lords needed to consider fortification. Sir William De Felton therefore added a strong palisade and a large gatehouse around 1296.

The gateway and original hall-house are easily identifiable today on either side of a stony courtyard, but it is the vast solar tower which dominates the castle ruins. The date seems a little controversial: 1340 or 1415? At any rate, it clearly shows an increased need for comfort and a desire for wealthy display, as well as strong defensive considerations. There is delicate ribbed vaulting, window seats and a glorious fireplace.

After 1514, the castle was purchased the Swinburnes who mostly let it to tenant farmers. They were accused of hiding Jesuit priests here in 1581, but a thorough search found nothing. Two of the last inhabitants were witnesses at the famous Margaret Stothard witch-trial, but the place appears to have been in ruins by the end of the 17th century.

The site is run by English Heritage. Free access at any reasonable time.

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