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Britannia Virtual Tours
Grab your mouse and hit the "road." Britannia's Virtual Tours will take you to some of the most interesting places in England and Wales and in the process help you to gain a better understanding of an area, its famous people, its landmarks and its history.

Travel through southern England and the West Country in search of legendary Arthurian sites from Malmesbury to Tintagel and the possible site of Camelot ...
Explore the ancient capital city and the world famous Winchester Cathedral
Attractions, Southwark and Cockney London, London by Tube, restaurant reviews and more.. Preview top attractions by Tube...
This Gallery houses some of the best artefacts discovered around Roman Britain. Take Britannia's first in-depth museum visit to see sculptures, mosaics and lots of treasure!
From the rugged cliffs of the coastlines to the quiet back lanes of the country, England's land of mystery and legend is conscious of, and proud of, its Celtic past.
Looking for the classic English Pub? What better place to start than the beautiful moorland of Britain's South-West Peninsula. Roger Johnson leads the way.
Explore the delights of the churches of Sussex, as renowned writer and historian, John E. Vigar, takes us to some of his personal favourites.
In the most extensive of his Northern tours, David Nash Ford takes a look at the most fascinating city in Britain. History oozes from every corner of York and we have over 60 sites for you to explore.
This beautiful valley in central Northumberland is full of stunning countryside and fascinating historical sites from citadels to sanctuaries.
Berkshire Towns Tour David Nash Ford explores the towns of the Royal County of Berkshire, including the Vale of the White Horse from Royal Residences to Small Market Towns.
Berkshire Towns Tour Michael Ford takes you through Lincolnshire and the adjoining counties in search of the stately way of life: from small medieval manors to vast Georgian mansions.
Berkshire Towns Tour Take a day tour to the ancient Severn valley and the city of Gloucester.
Berkshire Towns Tour One of Britain's World Heritage Sites and a substantial reminder of Roman power in the province even today. Visit forts and museums from Carlisle to Newcastle.
Berkshire Towns Tour David Nash Ford takes us through the second of his Northern Tours, visiting the bloody battlefields of Northumberland, along the Anglo-Scottish Border.
Berkshire Towns Tour Tour the whole of Wales, divided up into the six ancient kingdoms of Clwyd, Gwynedd, Powys, Dyfed, Glamorgan and Gwent. Peter Williams is your guide.
Berkshire Towns Tour If you like the romance and commanding visuals of castles, this tour of Welsh castles will show you a goodly number of surviving structures scattered about the countryside. Peter Williams is your guide.
Berkshire Towns Tour Take a quick tour of England's castles. See any number of surviving structures standing about the countryside.
Berkshire Towns Tour Northern Yorkshire is one of the best places to see the ruined abbeys and priories of England. David Nash Ford takes you to their dramatic settings.
Berkshire Towns Tour Part 1: Kathryn Gillett takes a look at London, seeking out places and faces to transport her, and you, back to Elizabethan England.
Berkshire Towns Tour Part 2: Kathryn Gillett moves west to explore the Cotswolds. Perhaps this landscape trapped in time can help her find England's great Elizabethan sailor.
Berkshire Towns Tour Part 3: Kathryn Gillett brings her exciting trilogy to a close, searching for Sir Francis in Southern England and then his homeland of Devon and Cornwall.
Berkshire Towns Tour Surely the legendary outlaw must have existed, with so many places in and around Sherwood Forest claiming a visit. David Nash Ford guides you through them.
Berkshire Towns Tour Yes, Robin Hood was active in Yorkshire too, and Barbara Green shows you around the little known sites associated with him.
Berkshire Towns Tour If you were unable to visit Britain for the turn of the new millennium, you can take a "You Are There" year 2000 tour through the Millennium Dome in Greenwich (London). Margaret Johnson is your guide.
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Real History Tours

King Arthur's Realm - Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury - 1 day
Travel to the Kingdom of Wessex to visit ancient stone circles, the mystical Island of Avalon and the legends of King Arthur
Click for details

Stonehenge, Salisbury & Avebury - The Mysteries of Ancient Britain - 1 day
This tour departs Mondays and Wednesdays
On this tour we visit the stone circles of Avebury and Stonehenge, the Neolithic burial chamber at West Kennet, the mysterious Silbury Hill and the delightful city of Salisbury with its beautiful cathedral and water meadows and Old Sarum Castle where layer after layer of history is brought to life.
Click for details

Four Day Small Group Tour to Devon and Cornwall - In Search of Arthur With a maximum group size of 11 and a university educated guide/driver, you are sure to have a memorable and personal experience. Stonehenge, Tintagel, Glastonbury and much more. Click for details

Four Day Small Group Tour of South Wales - Land of the Red Dragon The very best of South Wales, plus a glimpse of England's West Country down the back roads on the discovery trail. Travel by comfortable mini-coach and accommodation in a traditional Welsh country farmhouse, vineyard or manor house. See fabulous history, wonderful scenery, and visit with local people. Click for details

Three Day Small Group Tour of Kent - England's Oldest County See mighty Norman castles (Dover and Rochester), the site of the famed battle of 1066, Roman remains, Napoleonic Forts and Battle of Britain memorials. Stately home and garden lovers will "ooh and aah" over Churchill's Chartwell, Vita Sackville West's Sissinghurst and Leeds Castle. Click for details