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Co-Founders & Publishers: Seth Fox, Rod Hampton
Editor-in-Chief: Rod Hampton
Managing Editor: Seth Fox
Art Director: Seth Fox
Photography: Rod Hampton, Lee Kauffman
Content Research: Rod Hampton, Seth Fox

Chris Day, Flavour of Britain Catalogue
B. Kipp Franklin
Leslie Slocum, British Information Services, New York
Dewi Williams, British Information Services, New York
Tim Gurney, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London
Stephen Wright, Minister, British Embassy, Washington, DC
Kathleen Meyer, People to People International
Tim Mather, British Airways, Philadelphia Sales Office
Peter Stone, British Officers Cricket Club

Peter N. Williams, Ph.D. (Wales)
Editor, Britannia's Wales Department
"A Brief History of Wales"
"A History of Welsh Literature"
"Sacred Places of Wales"
"Seven Wonders of Wales"
"Startling Facts About Wales"
"The Welsh National Assembly"
"Welsh Language Pronunciation Guide"
"Welsh Royal Families"
"Cultural Traditions of Wales"

David Nash Ford (UK)
History Department Editor
"Early British Kingdoms"

Barbara Ballard (Canada)
"Postcards from Britain"

Geoffrey Ashe (UK)
Writer, lecturer, consultant
"Origins of the Arthurian Legend"
"A Quest for Arthur"
"Cadbury Castle: King Arthur's Camelot?"
"Magical Glastonbury"
"An Interview with Geoffrey Ashe"

Tim Bond (USA)
Graduate student, University of Missouri-Rolla
"Biographies of British Monarchs" (William I - Elizabeth II, excl. Lady Jane Grey)
"Development of Christian Society in Early Britain"

John Michell (UK)
Writer, former editor, "The Cerealogist"
"On the Special Nature of Glastonbury"
"The Original Britons"
"Who Were the Druids?"
"Sacred Science and the Megaliths"

Chris Witcombe, Ph.D. (UK)
Professor, Art History, Sweet Briar College
Editor, Britannia's Earth Mysteries Department
"Ley Lines"
"Megalithic Sites & Mounds"
"Belas Knap Long Barrow"
"Wayland's Smithy"
"W. Kennet Long Barrow"
"Hetty Pegler's Tump"
"The Toots"
"Stonehenge & The Druids"
"Stonehenge Reconstructions"
"Silbury Hill"
"The Sanctuary"
"Uffington White Horse"
"Dragon Hill, Uffington"
"Celtic Festivals"
"Morris Dancing"
"Healing Stones"
"Dragons and Dragon-killers"
"Notes on Pi"
"William Stukeley"
"John Aubrey"

Jennifer Halligan (Australia)
Graduate student, University of Western Australia
"Lady Jane Grey minisite"

Raymond F. Betts, Ph.D. (USA)
Professor of European History, University of Kentucky
"Europe in Retrospect"

Geoff Boxell (New Zealand)
Executive Officer,Technology, Management and Innovation Unit
University of Waikato
"Conquest & Resistance"

Sylvia Dawson (UK)
Owner, The English Experience, writer
"Way to Go?"
"Victorian Eastbourne"
"Windermere Wanderings"

David Dawson (UK)
History writer
"The English Medieval Castle"

Monica Gallagher (USA)
A Britannia Reader's Travelogue contributor
"Back to Bath"

Anne Somme (USA)
A New York Times system writer
"Thoughts on the Passing of a Princess"

Rita Truschel (USA)
A Wilmington (Del.) News Journal editorial writer
"Diana's Funeral is About What Might Have Been "

Jeff Davies (UK)
Publisher," LLys Arthur"
"Arthur in Early Welsh Literature"

Lori Lehtola (USA)
A Ph.D. candidate at the University of Houston
"One Brief Shining Moment"

Michael Green (USA)
Illustrator, "Lord of the Rings"
"The Lord of the Nazgul"
"Gimli, the Dwarf"
"Galadriel, the Lady of Lothlorien"

The British Information Services, New York (UK)
British life feature articles
"Panorama Department"
"Science Department"

Estate of Sydney Fowler-Wright (UK)
Complete cycle of Arthurian poetry
"Index of Arthurian Poetry"

Cedric Charles Dickens (UK)
Great-grandson of Charles Dickens

William Christmas, M.D. (UK)
Specialist in Medical Informatics
"Understanding British Titles"

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