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C. C. Morris Cricket Library at Haverford College
The C. Christopher Morris Cricket Library and Collection, in its brief history, has become known as the largest collection of cricket books, pictures, team photographs, blazers, trophies, scrapbooks, score books and cricketana in the Western Hemisphere. In its variety of material it is second only to Lord's in London.

The history of the C. C. Morris Cricket Library dates back to May, 1964, when Haverford College arranged a dinner to mark the 100th anniversary of the Haverford vs. University of Pennsylvania cricket match which was the first intercollegiate field contest in the United States...which by the way Haverford won. One of the speakers at the dinner was John A. Lester '96, who proposed that there should be an alcove set aside in the College Library to house cricket books and memorabilia, and as a study area for students of the game.

At the time the College Library was being enlarged with financial help from James P. Magill '07, a former cricketer, and it was decided that a separate room should be added for the large quantity of cricket books and paraphernalia. A committee of Haverford cricketers was created by John Lester, C. C. "Christy" Morris '04 and Howard Comfort '24 to raise finds for the project.

The committee raised a substantial amount from Christy Morris (pictured right), other Haverfordians, and many cricket supporters from outside to pay for the construction of the extra library room. The cricket books in the College Library were moved into this room; Christy Morris contributed his large cricket collection; and many others added (and are still adding) books and a variety of cricketana. The C. Christopher Morris Cricket Library and Collection, named for a Haverfordian whose international cricket career was perhaps longer than any other, opened in March 1969 with a reception and dinner with large attendance from the College, America and Canada.

It soon became evident that administration and increasing paper work required an office in addition to the reading room designed by the architects. The layout of the room was altered, and in October 1970, The C. C. Morris Cricket Library Association was established as an organization, separate from the College, to operate the growing library and collection. The organization now has more than 200 members worldwide.

Until mid-1977, Howard Comfort, a former Haverford captain, cricket coach and professor, headed the Association and guided its growth into an organization with international connections. Since then, secretary Murry Haines '26, has handled operations and paper work, and curator Rotan "Tanny" Sargent (Harvard '36), has answered questions from researchers and has supplied statistics which were not readily available elsewhere.

Today the C. C. Morris Library and Collection includes over one thousand volumes and a multitude of related printed materials and items of Cricket history. The primary focus is on Cricket in America, yet there is very good coverage of Circket literature from around the world. Library members are actively involved with numerous projects to support current and develop new Cricket activities in the U.S. and Canada.

If you would like to visit the library, hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and oth other times by prior arrangement. During the summer, the library will be open many weekends during matches at Cope Field, nearby on the Haverford campus. Call or e-mail the library for dates and times. Private tours of the library can be scheduled. Please make your arrangements well in advance of your visit and reconfirm the week prior to the visits.

email: C.C.Morris Library or | Tel: 610-896-1162 | FAX: 610-896-4919

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C.C. Morris Cricket Library

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