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Cricket Watchers Guide
Ask Amar Singh of the Merion Cricket Club about the game and he'll smile and tell you, "Some people think cricket is a religion, but they're is the only religion". Ask most Americans what they think about it and you'll get a shrug or a blank stare or they'll probably tell you it's a game for weenies who break for mid-afternoon tea.

What is it about this game that confounds most Americans and creates cult-like devotees in just about every other English speaking country around the world? We decided to find out by spending an afternoon at the Merion Cricket Club pavilion watching a match or two during the 4th Annual Philadelphia Cricket Festival. If you want to find out what we did, choose from the menu below.

Cricket Watchers Guide
How the Game is Played
Bowler vs. Striker
The Ball & Bowling
Ins & Outs of Scoring
Fielding Positions
Glossary of Cricket Terms
Cricket in America
North American Cricket Clubs
C.C. Morris Cricket Library

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