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Selected Science & Technology Releases
  • World's Largest Solar Village Planned for Sydney
  • Greener Machines Save More Than Money
  • British Instruments on Voyage to Saturn
  • Spreading the Word About Tinnitus
  • Dandruff Speck Could Identify Criminals
  • Research Highlights Plants For Construction
  • Solving Computer Problems


  • The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)
    The site contains information on POST, press releases, summaries of recent reports and more. Direct on-line access to reports in Acrobat format will be added shortly.
  • Arthritis Research in Britain Exciting new British work on enzyme inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies being developed to control the causes of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Monitoring the World's Ecosystems
  • Arteries Scanned by World's Smallest Camera
  • Brain Peptide Foreshadows Safe Slimming Pill
  • Chaos Theory Leads to Better Quality Control
  • Leading British Crystallography Professor Judith Howard of Durham University is developing revolutionary analytical technology in her field of science.
  • Microwave Chemistry Helps Recycle Plastics
  • New Aluminium Recovery Process Invented
  • Pulse Radar Aids in Historic Renovation
  • Towards Clearer Vision on the Road
  • Biotech Food in UK & US "Genetically modified" tomato puree, beer and baker's yeast hold promise for inexpensive future foods.
  • "The Lamp That Thinks it's a Laser" Kills Cancer
  • Radio Eye on the Universe Gets Sharper
  • Heavenly Twins to Expand Britain's Astronomy
  • At the Front of Subsea Technology
  • Sleeping in the U.K. When it comes to sleep research the Brits have not been napping. Some interesting findings can help you catch just the right amount of ZZZZZZs
  • Supermagnetism & English China
  • Science Links
    Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester
    Science Museum, London

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