Greener Machines Save More Than Money

NEW "smart" domestic appliances could reduce electricity demand by a third, and cost less to run, said Britain's Environment Minister Angela Eagle. Publishing a new strategy paper on electrical appliances, called Market Transformation, the minister described how consumers could help tackle the problem of global warming - simply by choosing products which need less electricity. Addressing a National Home Energy Rating Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon in central England, Angela Eagle said: "The electricity needed to run domestic appliances and lighting now takes a quarter of all the electricity generated. The amount of power being used continues to rise. And generating all that power adds to the burden on the environment.

"We need to reverse the trend towards higher energy consumption in the home. Products like fridges and washing machines are gradually being made 'smarter', to use less energy. We want to accelerate the pace of change in the market - so that the more efficient models appear in the shops more quickly and consumers get the benefit.

"The benefit works three ways. First, people get products with better performance. Secondly, they get real savings in their electricity bills. And thirdly, everyone gets the benefit from a reduction in electricity generation - less greenhouse gas and damage from global warming. Our strategy for Market Transformation aims to make the market work faster, to deliver the all-round benefits which we know are possible."

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