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The LOWRY, A Major Arts Centre for the North West
The Lowry
THE LOWRY, a National Landmark Millennium Project for the Arts located minutes just outside Manchester, has released the schedule for its impressive rollout of attractions opening in the Spring of 2000. They include

  • Two theatres - Lyric theatre, seating 1730 and the 466 seat adaptable theatre
  • Two Galleries - one showing the works of LS Lowry, approximately 50 oil paintings and 300 drawings by the artists will comprise the largest collection of his work; and another gallery for visiting exhibitions.
  • Artworks - a creative experience for all visitors
  • Promenades, bars and restaurants

    When completed, The Lowry will include The Digital World Centre, a "future world" digital domain where visitors will interact with and experience new technologies that will "entertain, educate and inspire"; a lifting footbridge that will link The Lowry to the 28.5 million Imperial War Museum-North being built across the Manchester Ship Canal and scheduled to open in 2002, an open air public plaza, a car part and retail, leisure and commercial development.

    The Lowry theatre season is designed to appeal to all visitors with a line-up for 2000 that includes world-class cutting edge productions, pop concerts, outdoor events and street-style entertainment. The facilities are already being called "Manchester's South Bank Centre" by Theatres Director Robert Robson.


    October 1999 - The Lowry Box Office opens at West Pavilion, Harbour City, Salford Quays
    Autumn 1999 - Lowry Press launches. Not surprisingly the first two books to be published will be Lowry. A visionary artist and LS Lowry: A Biography a re-issue.
    Winter 1999 - The new Metrolink line to Salford Quays is schedule to be complete
    October 1999 - Construction begins on The Digital World Centre
    Early 2000 - The Lowry car park is completed
    April 2000 - The Lowry footbridge opens
    April 28, 2000 - The Lowry opens
    Early 2001 - The Digital World Centre opens
    Autumn 2001 - The commercial development opens
    2002 - Imperial War Museum-North opens

    For more information:
    Public inquiries: 0161 955 2000
    Email: |

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