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Leather Bags
With the changing fashion Leather is becoming a fashion statement in various fashion accessories whether its clothes, shoes, belts or hats. With its vogue it has not left untouched the zone of Handbags too. Leather handbags are the latest international rage today.

Beautiful different textures, smooth and shining leather for the plushest feel in high fashion Handbags are very much 'in' in the market.

In well-known international brands, you will find some really happening and stunning Leather Prints or Leather bags. Like all global fashion crazes, the look this season is one of uncomplicated luxury with a feel of decadence and opulence. And with leather in fashion compliments it well. For leather handbags you can select from a whole range of leather prints in bright colors, which are the latest rage. Leather prints are gradually making a presence in our fashion statements; whether they are anaconda prints, snake prints or bold rough textures with fast colors as lining material.

Types of leather
Types of Leather bags available in market are snake leather, crocodile leather, alligator leather, stingray leather, Ostrich leather, fish leather etc. All these different types of leathers have there own quality, smoothness, color and richness. Which makes each of them different.

These Leather bags are high in quality, durable and last for a long time with you. They are easy to maintain and add that extra touch of class when you hold or hang them on your shoulder. Leather bags unlike other material bags do need that extra care but for the beautiful, exotic and your one favorite piece you'll not mind doing that.

Apart from genuine Leather bags you can find various leather prints bags available in market. These are used as a replica of the genuine leather bags. They only carry the texture and feel of the leather bags but are not the real or genuine leather. They are affordable in price also.

How to take care of leather bags?
Bags and specially if it is a leather bag needs that extra care to pay back there durability and longevity. Whether your designer leather handbag is a Louis Vuitton, a Gucci, Versace or any other designer, it is important to take proper care of it. The good care allows the bags to age gracefully and with the character expected from a designer bag, making them distinct and unique.

The proper care not only gives you many years of beauty but also use in return.
  • Keep your bag away from makeup, food, or any other oil-based product, which can stain.
  • When you are not using your bag, store it in a protective cloth container.
  • If a handbag is tanned, and pigmented you can try to wipe the stain with a soft damp cloth.
  • For your leather bags use recommended and branded leather shiner to maintain its shine.

Leather bags in Style right now
Leather bags as said above are 'in fashion' the famous among all and the most happening one in the market in today's date is the Italian leather. Genuine Italian leather in anaconda prints, zig zag prints and self- textures is popular in yummy colors like brown, tan and black It getting even better with these textures and prints on handbags. The look is a definitive style statement and in line with the global demand for uncompromising pizzazz and a statement from the fashion capitals of the world.

Leather bags for women
Leather is a craze amongst women. In Woman designer bags leather plays an important role. Apart from other material like Cotton, jute, nylon etc Leather is the most preferred one. From Party handbags to office handbags, leather makes it own style statement when taken with style. You can find the leather bags popular in women whether it's a hobo, tote, clutch, baguette or any other style in vivid colors from red to black, pink to green. Its durability and class appeal makes it close to a women's heart.

Leather bags for men
Leather is no doubt very popular among the women but it's a perfect style statement or men too. From traveler bags to office folders or laptop bags. Leather is the most popular and preferred material that attracts the men too. In subdued colors like brown, black and gray leather bags mark there own impression and add that classy look with its shin and sparkle.

So throw out the old and boring plain and staid look, or keep it for the normal mundane day. And pick up the latest Leather hobo, tote or clutch and flaunt it in your own style and your own way.

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