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Hamleys Toy Story

A youngster enjoys the excitement of Christmas in Hamleys, of Regent Street, one of the world's largest toy shops. It has been estimated that if the soft toys sold in the store during the year were placed end to end they would stretch more than 106,000 kilometres.

Staff at Hamleys are reported to spend almost 90,000 hours a year demonstrating the latest toys. About 35,000 products are stocked, ranging from electronic games, radio-controlled cars, trucks, aircraft and train sets to traditional porcelain dolls, telescopes and collector's models of classic cars.

For more information contact:Hamleys
188 Regent Street, London, United Kingdom, WIV 2AA
Tel: +44 171 7343161 | Fax: +44 171 494 5858/5859.      Copyright ©1999, LLC