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Fine Furniture from Northern Ireland
by Geoff Miller
Photo: Chris Mikami

For over a decade a team of craftsmen, headed by Andrew luimacki (pictured), has been designing and making elegant, yet durable pieces of contemporary, solid wood furniture in Northern Ireland.

The craftsmen of Monlough Workshop specialise in unique pieces of furniture for private clients, architects and designers. Each commission is individually designed and meticulously made by skilled, dedicated people with many years of experience and a sound understanding of materials.

Native hardwoods are the main source of raw material. Logs of ash, oak, elm and other species are pre-selected for conversion and careful seasoning on site. Conscious of the fact that Northern Ireland is only lightly wooded due to previous major deforestation, the Monlough company pursues a policy of tree planting and management to help to improve the quality of the natural environment.

For more information contact:
Monlough Workshop
39 Monlough Road, Ballygowan, Newtownards, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, BT23 6NH
Tel: +44 1232 813451 | Fax: 44 1232 813117      Copyright ©1999, LLC