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Computer Rage is on the Rise
News Service Story

STRESS levels are increasing as technology plays a bigger part in everyday lives, according to a survey. 'Computer rage' is on the increase and it is not just those who are unfamiliar with the technological age that are feeling the pressure; a quarter of people under-25 years admit to kicking their personal computers (PCs).

The study, Rage Against The Machine, was conducted by the Mori survey group on behalf of computer giant Compaq and it estimates that 25,000 pounds sterling per person per year is lost for just one hour's computer frustration at work.

The research showed that four out of five people have witnessed colleagues in the workplace vent their anger on computers and information technology (IT) systems, resulting in damaged hardware and loss of business.

Professor Robert Edelmann, a leading psychologist on the causes of conflict at work, believes that computer rage is much more prolific than road rage and is a by-product of our obsession with technology.

Even those in charge of IT in business admitted to difficulties. Out of those who said they could solve a computer problem, 22 per cent said they were unable to fix the actual cause.

Other findings showed that one third of people stay late at the office or take work home as a direct result of IT problems; one person in six below the age of 25 takes out their frustrations on something, or someone else. The survey questioned 1,250 workers from various professions across the United Kingdom.

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