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BBC Goes Wild Online
News Service Story

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has extended its online services to launch another website, this time concentrating on the wealth of pictures it has in its wildlife collection. The site,, has used the resources of the company's Natural History Unit to provide access to over 4,000 images of birds, plants and animals.

Pictures, which have been electronically watermarked, can be searched either as a premium or quick fix rate and purchased online or via a CD for use in newspapers or magazines.

Controller of commercial and business affairs for BBC Production Chris Pye said: "We are very excited to be entering this growing market. For the first time the BBC's Natural History Unit's immense collection, containing some of the most unique and fascinating photographs, will be available online for use by businesses worldwide."

Online image services are growing by 20 per cent each year, making the distribution of images via the Internet a lucrative business. The BBC's new service will also be launched in America this summer.

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