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REVOR BAYLIS, the inventor of the clockwork radio, has got some serious walking to do during the next few months in the wilderness of the Namib desert in Africa. The trek is raising funds for the Mines Advisory Group which is dedicated to reducing the loss of life and limb caused by landmines and reducing the economic suffering they cause to communities. The trek would also help him to test his latest electricity generating device, to be worn in a shoe, that could potentially charge a battery to power a mobile phone, a laptop computer or a calculator. He has already registered two patents for different principles. One involves cells of ceramic-like material that release electricity when they are bent or compressed. Another method uses a system of coiled tubes inside the shoe which drives a fluid by peristalsis at great pressure through a generator, creating electricity.

BRITISH health product manufacturer Medibed has designed a special covering for bedding that helps reduce allergies, a common health problem that is estimated to affect one-third of the world's population. Asthma, eczema and rhinitis sufferers who have used bedding incorporating a unique filtering technology developed by the company, experience reduced allergen exposure, the main cause of allergies. This simple but effective solution involves covering bedding with a barrier that has proved to be the single most important factor in reducing exposure to mite allergen. Medibed claims that tests of its air-permeable filter fabric show that it protects against 99 per cent of allergies.

Supermarket chain Asda has announced plans to screen drive-in films in the car parks of its United Kingdom stores. The American-style outdoor shows are to be launched in York, northern England, in March, with plans to screen films at 25 stores in April and May and a further 25 by September. Asda, recently bought out by United States retail giant Wal-Mart, believes the idea will prove a huge hit with customers. Customers will be able to enjoy the complete cinema experience with popcorn, hot dogs, drinks and ice-cream provided by the on-site Asda "snack-shack."

Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park has been voted London's most romantic location in a London Tourist Board online poll for Valentine's Day. Of more than 5,400 Internet voters who participated, 69 per cent also rated London as either a romantic or very romantic destination. Hyde Park is central London's largest green space with an expanse of 250 hectares (619 acres) through which lovers can stroll. Famous for the Serpentine, the statue of Peter Pan and its Sunken Garden, it has captured the hearts of visitors and Londoners alike. Other parks nominated included Greenwich Park, Richmond Park, St James's Park and Hampstead Heath. The online survey also revealed some unlikely destinations for romance such as the Penguin Pool at London Zoo, open-air ice skating at Broadgate Circus, Wembley Stadium, the lawn at Buckingham Palace, the earthquake simulator at the Natural History Museum and the London Dungeon. Several of London's millennium projects were also rated as romantic with the British Airways London Eye and the Dome's Body Zone featuring among the nominations.

A 5.52 million pounds sterling cash injection from the English Tourism Council is to be spent through the end of 2001. 45% is earmarked for more than 100 tourism projects while the rest will be spent on joint programmes such as research. Regions will focus on further development building on their strengths. Cumbria Tourist Board, for example, will lead on sustainable tourism and the regeneration of rural areas. The East of England board will concentrate on raising the quality of visitor attractions, the North West will lead on sport, the Heart of England will be involved in food and drink and the South West will lead on capitalising of film and television tourism.

London-Restaurant Capital of the World
At the beginning of the century there were 150 eating houses in London. Now, there are in the region of 6,000. London Eats Out an exhibition at the Museum of London ( ends 27 February 2000) traces the capital's culinary history over the last 500 years. The exhibit presents examples of the food, styles, habits and etiquette that prevailed during each century and reveals something of the city's social history.

The Lowry, a National Landmark Millennium Project for the Arts near Manchester, has released the schedule for its impressive rollout of attractions opening in the Spring of 2000.

The Rheged Discovery Centre, Cumbria's newest, largest and most dramatic visitor attraction

Three new galleries open at "Flagship Portsmouth" at the Historic Dockyard, home port to three of the world's greatest historic ships- "The Mary Rose," "HMS Victory" and "HMS Warrior 1860".

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