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LineOne Predicts More Free ISPs
For Immediate Release

THE head of Internet service provider LineOne thinks that going free has been the best thing that could have happened to the previously subscription-based company and that the free phenomenon will continue. Since going along the Internet service provider (ISP) "free way" in April, LineOne's member figures have jumped from 80,000 to 300,000, making it one of the most used services in the UK.

Managing director Ajay Chowdhury said: "We are continually trying to improve the LineOne service and will be redesigning our front page to reflect consumer opinion and also launching an Internet assistant to sit on the computer desktop.

"We feel that going to a free ISP model has benefited us greatly because of the amount of content we already had in place. There are more and more people starting to use the Internet and I do not see the free ISP model fading very quickly."

He also believes that the ISP market will continue to offer free access to the Net but that there will also be different models from which to choose. He added: "I see the market operating pretty much like the mobile phone market. We are certainly looking into the free phone call option, as well as other avenues such as broadband.

"The UK will lead the way with broadband, much quicker than America which has had a couple of setbacks. But we are very keen to be involved with broadband, especially using the television set for access."

The company, which is jointly owned by BT and United News and Media, is to receive a 12 million pounds sterling funding injection to boost content on its sites. As well as a front page redesign there will also be a desktop assistant that will allow users to know when their friends are online.

LineOne, telephone: +44 906 30 20 100

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