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Heavy Metal Website Planned
For Immediate Release

THE creators of the official Iron Maiden rock group website are building a heavy metal portal, planned for launch this autumn. Sanctuary, a copyright management company - which helped the band build its site - says it believes there is a huge potential audience for a site with much wider coverage of heavy metal news and reviews.

Plans have been made to invest 500,000 pounds sterling in the as-yet unnamed site between now and Christmas, said Sanctuary's finance director Mike Miller. The size of the Iron Maiden site's audience and its loyalty (the average user session lasts 90 minutes) prompted Sanctuary to look at broadening its scope, he said.

"The Iron Maiden site gets about two million page impressions per month and make decent money from e-commerce," he said. "It attracts a lot of traffic and the chat rooms are very busy. What we want to do with the new site is offer more services about the entire heavy metal scene, rather than just one band. We hope to draw in news contributors from the established metal magazines around the world and employ an editor to pull them together and update the site daily."

The site will also concentrate on e-commerce, selling back-catalogue albums of established bands and promoting audio and video clips. Upcoming bands will also be given the chance to build a small website of their own. Sanctuary specialises in rights management and will contract out the work to build and design the site.

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