Witness speaks of video camera at crash scene
By NICOLAS MARMIE, Associated Press Writer, PARIS (AP)

A witness has told a judge investigating Princess Diana's death that he saw someone with a video camera at the crash scene, indicating video footage may exist of the immediate aftermath, a judicial source said Thursday.

The witness, interviewed Tuesday by Judge Marie-Christine Devidal, is a sound engineer who arrived at the scene moments after the Aug. 31 crash -- before rescuers did.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, gave the witness's name only as Jacques.

Driving through the tunnel in the opposite direction, the witness heard "an enormous sound," the source said, citing testimony from the official case file. After quickly parking his own car, the witness said, he went to the scene and saw the Mercedes with all doors closed.

Then he saw "10 to 12 people" approaching the scene with cameras "and a Video U Matic camera," the source quoted the witness as telling the judge. Judicial sources say no video camera was seized from the crash scene.

When he got close to the car, the witness said, "I saw that the two right-side doors had been opened ... I saw two photographers leaning into the car from the back door and taking pictures.

"I saw one of them rummaging inside the vehicle," he said. "I thought he was moving the body of Dodi Fayed or Lady Diana to take the best pictures." The witness said he saw a man try to take the photographers aside and say, "Hey, why did you do that?" One of the photographers responded: "We can't do otherwise, we must do this.

"The young man was so angry that he tried to hit the photographer, who tried to get away from him by twirling around his camera," the witness said, according to the testimony cited by the judicial source.

The source said the photographer in question is one of nine photographers officially under investigation for manslaughter and failing to aid people in danger. A motorcycle courier is also under investigation. The 10 men have not been formally charged.

The crash in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel killed Diana, Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul. The only survivor, bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, is recovering in a Paris hospital and is expected to be interviewed Friday by investigators.

Police questioned two other photographers about the crash Thursday, but only as witnesses, a police source said.

The two photographers, who were not identified, were at the crash scene but did not follow the Mercedes from the Ritz Hotel, as did the photographers named as suspects, the source said.

Rather, they went from the Ritz to an apartment owned by Fayed near the Arc de Triomphe -- the same apartment to which Diana and Fayed were headed when they crashed.

Waiting outside the apartment building, the two photographers were contacted on their cellular phones by fellow paparazzi at the crash scene, and then went there, the police source said.

The two photographers are not expected to be held in custody or named as suspects in the case, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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