Sources say Dodi Fayed called driver back to work for fateful ride
By NICHOLAS MARMIE, Associated Press Writer, PARIS (AP)

The bodyguard who survived the crash that killed Princess Diana has reportedly told a judge that Diana's companion called in the off-duty security guard who was driving the night of the fatal accident.

The driver, Henri Paul, was legally drunk at the time of the Aug. 31 crash in a Paris tunnel, which killed Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and Paul. Trevor Rees-Jones, who spoke to Judge Herve Stephan on Friday at the Paris hospital where he is recovering from injuries, said Fayed called in Paul as part of a plan to try to elude photographers who had followed the couple to the Ritz Hotel, according to the judicial sources.

They quoted Rees-Jones, 29, as saying the regular chauffeur acted as a decoy the night of the crash, leaving from the hotel's front entrance to try to trick photographers trailing the couple, while Paul sped from the back in a black Mercedes with Diana and Fayed inside.

The photographers' presence "bothered the princess and Dodi a lot," so "Dodi changed the plan. The princess, Dodi, Henri Paul and myself left by the back," Rees-Jones was quoted as saying Monday.

Fayed and Diana were heading to a Fayed family apartment near the Champs-Elysees at the time of the crash.

Judicial sources say Rees-Jones does not remember the circumstances of the crash, but that Paul was described as looking "just fine" before taking the wheel of the car.

Doctors have said Rees-Jones' memory might be affected by the trauma of the accident and the anesthesia he was given during surgery to reconstruct his smashed jaw.

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