Police question two new photographers as witnesses

Police questioned two more photographers today about Princess Diana's fatal crash, but only as witnesses, a police source said. The two photographers were at the crash scene, but had not followed the Mercedes carrying Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed and two others from the Ritz Hotel, as the photographers named as suspects in the case had done.

The two, who were not identified, instead went from the Ritz to an apartment owned by Fayed near the Arc de Triomphe -- the location the Mercedes was headed to when it crashed inside a traffic tunnel on Aug. 31.

While standing outside the apartment, they received calls on their cellular phones from fellow paparazzi at the crash site, and went there, the police source said.

Diana, Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul, were killed in the crash. The only survivor, bodyguard Trevor-Rees Jones, was recovering in a Paris hospital and was expected to be interviewed by investigators on Friday.

Nine photographers and one motorcycle courier are under official investigation -- meaning they have been named as suspects -- for manslaughter and failure to assist people in danger. They have not been formally charged.

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