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Historical Map of Lympstone in Devon

Graphic History of Devon Village Now Available

Millennium Map Detail

The Lympstone Millennium Map, featuring 2000 years of the history of Lympstone in East Devon, specially produced for the Lympstone Millennium History Display on January 8th and 9th, 2000 in the Village Hall is now available from the Village Post Office.

Architectural Example from Millennium Map
Thought up as a project by Christopher and Rosemary Smith in 1998, it was discussed with well-known artist, Iris Walker, late in 1998. From then the idea grew and grew, with visits to the Royal Albert Museum in Exeter to find and measure artefacts and see coins, visits to Exeter Cathedral and local churches to discover Coats of Arms, early fonts and bosses depicting contemporary events, until by the spring of 1999 there was far too much material!

Extract from Millennium Map Timeline
It fell to Iris to produce the concept behind the map - the bird's eye view and the map in date sections - showing two thousand years of Lympstone's history. Vignettes of famous events and places are also depicted in fine detail and a colour chart defines the periods of history. Medieval manuscript illuminations from contemporary chronicles, paintings and photos were produced by Rosemary and incorporated by Iris, and both wish to thank the many who helped with information, lent books and advised. Based on condensed historical data researched by Rosemary over 6 years, by mid-summer the third version was in existence. By September, the map was ready for the printers. At last, it is ready for the public (cost 10).      Copyright 2000, LLC