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Other Properties
with Mediveal Origins
in Wiltshire
By Michael Ford

This section lists houses in Wiltshire which have been altered externally but still retain the essentials of their Medieval origins internally or have some remaining external Medieval features.

Alcombe Manor OS.173 (ST809695)

Between CORSHAM and BATH in the village of Ditteridge.

The house still contains a small 14c window.

Beanacre Old Manor OS.173 (ST902659)

North of MELKSHAM on the main A350 road at Beanacre and can be spotted from the roadside.

The house is centred on the original 15c hall with its roof. The original detached chapel is now part of the house. It has some interesting 16c windows.

Berwick Bassett Old Manor House OS.173 (SU098734)

North West of MARLBOROUGH above Avebury at Berwick Bassett.

The main structure of stone is thought to be from 15c. It has some timber framing on the upper floor, a porch and some good doorways. One of the latter came from Vasterne Manor (see below).

Bolehyde Manor OS.173 (ST893757)

North West of CHIPPENHAM on a minor road. An excellent view is to be had from this road which passes right in front of the property.

The earliest stonework is a 13c wall and part of a spiral staircase. The house is generally 17c though but a real picture.

In the late 13c Thomas de Bolehude held the deeds to the property. In 1635 it was sold to John Gale with the family occupying the house for around 400 years. Many family initials, dated, are cut into the structure when additions and alterations were made to the building throughout their time there.

Legend has it that one of the Gales was the first man to fly. He made a pair of wings but fell into the moat in the attempt.

There are some interesting small buildings in the gardens. The former entrance over a moat has two gazebos, one either side. On the west side of the house are two Elizabethan pavilions which define the original entrance.

What is thought to have been the chapel still exists but suffered bomb damage during the second World War.

Bonham Manor House OS.183 (ST773332)

Between FROME and GILLINGHAM below Stourhead at Bonham on a minor road.

It is believed to have Saxon origins although what we see today is mainly Tudor. However the former medieval chapel, dedicated to St. Benedict, is attached as part of the house.

Burghope Manor OS.172 (ST798610)

West of BRADFORD-ON-AVON in the village of Winsley

The house is said to date from the 13c and is now a comfortable hotel.

Charnel House OS.183 (ST812323)

Between WARMINSTER and GILLINGHAM in Mere near the Parish Church.

The house has a small cusped window from the 15c.

Easton Court Farm OS.173 (ST890705)

East of CORSHAM in the village of Easton.

Pevsner tells us that the house has a chimney and open timber roof from the 15c, according to the architect Sir Harold Brakspear who presumably carried out some restoration of the building.

Fowlswick Farm OS.173 (ST882758)

North West of CHIPPENHAM on a minor road. The house can be seen from the entrance on the roadside.

The heart of this former Manor house is medieval. It was faced with stone in the 15c and 16c.

Gaston Manor OS.184 (ST947298)

North East of SHAFTESBURY in Tisbury.

The house dates from the 14c and was rebuilt in the 16c and 17c.

Hazelbury Manor OS.173 (ST835683)

South West of CORSHAM off the B3109 road near Box.

The original hall with its roof still exist as does much of the inside, all from the 15c. There is some very good 20c reconstruction work based on researched evidence and this includes the fine two storeyed porch.

Highworth Manor House OS.174 (SU202924)

North East of SWINDON in the centre of Highworth.

This is a 15c hall house with stone facing from 1656.

Pope’s Farmhouse OS.183 (ST845370)

South of WARMINSTER at Kingston Deverill.

There are the remains of a doorway and windows from the 15c here.

South Wraxall Manor Farmhouse OS.173 (ST834655)

North of BRADFORD-ON-AVON above the village of South Wraxall.

This was originally a hospice of the 14c of which the hall and chapel, dedicated to St. Audoen, survive. The remainder appears to be of the 17c.

Vasterne Manor OS.173 (SU049815)

West of Swindon through Wootton Bassett off the main A3102 road.

The centre part of the house is thought to be of Medieval origin.

One 15c doorway came from Berwick Bassett Old Manor House (see above). The exchange of structural parts from these two houses is fascinating.


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