The Britannia Lexicon

the timber placed along the top edge of the wall on either side of it.

the upright placed against the wall tying the framework of the roof to prevent it slipping and also carrying the thrust down.

path along top of wall, protected by parapet.

see Hide

see bailey

the right of a feudal lord to the income of a fief during the minority of its heir. The lord is required to maintain the fief and to take care of the material needs of the ward. When the ward come of age, the lord is required to release the fief to him in the same condition in which it was received.

land liable for tax, as opposed to inland, which is generally exempt from tax.

term generally given to land which is unusable or uncultivated with in a holding. It is not taxed. It is sometimes referred to land destroyed by war or raids, which is like wise not subject to tax.

mat of woven sticks and weeds.

the filling in of the vault between the ribs.

WITAN (also Witanegemot):
council composed of nobles and ecclesiastics which advised the Anglo Saxon Kings of England. Also chose the successor to the throne. Resembles the "commune concilium".

wall descending slope of motte.

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