The Britannia Lexicon


Have you always wanted to travel back in time to the Middle Ages but were hesitant because you didn't speak the language? Presenting the Britannia Lexicon of strange legal, feudal, chivalric, monastic, military and architectural terms to help you understand what those guys back then were really trying to say. In addition, we will soon be including lengthier entries on particular events, wars, movements and organizations, called "Sidebars of History" which will give a more in-depth view of life, politics and religion in medieval Britain. Just click a letter below to begin.

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We wish to acknowledge the following sources used in the preparation of The Britannia Lexicon: Adams, Michael (aka Morgoth), "Feudal Terms of England (and other places)", Cormack, Patrick, "English Cathedrals", Fry, Plantagenet Somerset, "Castles of the British Isles", Humble, Richard, "English Castles, Platt, Colin, "The Abbeys and Priories of Medieval England", Thorold, Henry, "Cathedrals, Abbeys and Priories of England and Wales."