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Dukes and Barons and Earls, Oh My!

Titles of nobility (peerages) are conferred by the monarch. In most hereditary peerages, the title is passed on to a peer's oldest son, or, in the absence of a son, to his closest male heir. The title becomes extinct if there is no male heir, although some ancient peerages allow the title to be passed to a daughter in that case.

Life peerages are created each year by the monarch for distinguished persons. Life peers hold the rank only for their own lives, and as such, the titles do not pass on to their children. A man or a woman may be granted a life peerage; the titles given to them are Baron or Baroness.

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Britain's Monarchs Biograhies of the men and women who have ruled Britain since 802 AD. Listed by their royal house, the articles contain genealogies, maps and links to other useful resources.

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We wish to thank Tim Bond of the University of Missouri-Rolla for his excellent work in preparing the biographies of all the monarchs from William the Conqueror through Elizabeth II, with the single exception of the biography of Lady Jane Grey.

We also wish to thank Jennifer Halligan of the University of Western Australia for the contribution of her award-winning Lady Jane Grey minisite.

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