Kings of HWICCE: British Monarchs
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The Kings of HWICCE The Kingdom of Hwicce

The Kings of Hwicce were semi-independent monarchs under the rule of Mercia. Those ruling in the late 7th century appear to have been of one dynasty. Nothing is then known until the rule of three brothers some sixty years later.

Kings of HWICCE
Eanfrith ?-674
Eanhere ?-675 (joint)
Osric 675-685
Oshere 679-693 (joint)
Aethelberht 693-?
Aethelweard 693-? (joint)
Aethelric 693-? (joint)
Osred 693-? (joint)
Eanberht fl.759 (joint)
Uhtred fl.759 (joint)
Ealdred fl.759 & 778

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