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King's Manor, York

The Principal's House at the King's Manor, to the right of the entrance, is one of the more recently erected buildings in this ancient complex. It was therefore thought strange when a maid at the Manor was found unconscious there, having fainted from shock at the sight of a ghostly Tudor Lady. She appeared from a cupboard and walked straight through her!

As the apparition was seen on successive occasions, details emerged of her fine green dress and the, the roses which she carried in her hands. It has been suggested that she was the ill-fated Queen Catherine Howard who was wonderfully entertained at the King's Manor with Henry VIII in 1541. However, she also secretly played host to her lover, Thomas Culpeper, here and was executed soon afterward.

Though the details of the Lady's costume were spot on, the setting did not fit and the story was forgotten. Only years later was it discovered that this area of the grounds was the site of a former Rose Garden.

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