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Places associated with the Legend of St. George in Berkshire
by David Nash Ford

S T. G E O R G E
Places to Go

The Uffington White Horse is cut into the side of White Horse Hill in the parish of Uffington. It can be found just south of the B4507 which runs between Wantage and Ashbury. If you follow the English Heritage signs you will be directed up a minor road to an ideally situated car park, complete with information boards that even give St.George a mention! The White Horse and Uffington Castle are a short walk across the open grazing land to the east. Dragon Hill with its bald chalk patch and trickling blood trails is easily identified just below the horse. The slopes surrounding it are The Manger, and down in the valley can be seen the woods which hide the Woolstone Wells, at the point where the B4507 kinks to the south. There is an alternative route along a second minor road (towards Wantage) which gives you a grand view from directly beneath the horse and Dragon Hill. It eventually follows round to the same car park, passing a smaller (and much nearer) version for the elderly and disabled. The Grey Wethers at the foot of Kingstone Down, lie in front of Ashdown House and are easily seen from the B4000 running between Ashbury and Lambourn. The White Horse Inn stands in the centre of Woolstone village.

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