Mary Grey

Father: Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk

Mother: Frances Grey

Sisters: Jane & Katherine

Born in 1545, Mary, the youngest of the Grey sisters, was nine years old when she lost her father and sister. In 1553, when her sisters had been married, Mary was betrothed to her cousin, Lord Arthur Grey. The betrothal was later dissolved. Mary, four foot tall and hunchbacked, did not learn from her sister, Katherine's mistakes. In 1565, Mary married secretly, without seeking the Queen's permission. Her husband, Thomas Keyes, was a gatekeeper in the Royal Household. Elizabeth was furious when she discovered Mary's indiscretion, saying her generosity had been abused and she wanted no 'little bastard Keyes.' Less than two weeks after their wedding the couple were arrested. Mary spent the rest of her life under house arrest while Thomas was sent to Fleet Prison. They never met again. Mary wrote numerous letters to the Queen, begging to be allowed to take care of Thomas's children by another marriage. Thomas died in 1572. Mary was released from private custody and went, destitute, to live with her step-father, Adrian Stokes. Elizabeth allowed Mary to attend Court on a number of occasions, however, Mary disliked pomp and preferred the quiet life. Mary died, aged thirty three on 20 April 1578, seven years after her husband.

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